PV Transactional Models

Savings thanks to own source of generation

Key features for Upfront and Installments

24/7 service and maintenance

Free of charge for the first year after contract conclusion, with possibility of extension


Unique on the market Energy Production Guarantee for the first 12 months of the contract

Energy Management Platform

For monitoring energy production and energy use: free of charge for the first 12 months


Fast, reliable and high quality PV solutions.

  • Standard payment for the installation divided into 2 parts: 20% of the investment value after the technical visit and 80% of the investment after the start-up of the installation;
  • Ensured comprehensive implementation of the entire investment process by a professional team from Poland and Portugal;
  • Execution of all formalities by EDP;
  • High quality equipment and materials used (Tier 1).


EDP Painelsolar PL 1


Fast, reliable and high quality PV solution with attractive installment financing.

Attractive installment financing, including:

  • Financing provided directly by EDP, with no external institutions involved;
  • Long installment periods of up to 72 months;
  • Fixed low interest rate throughout the term of the agreement;
  • Simple credit risk assessment for the customer - no additional documents required;
  • The possibility of early repayment without any additional fees;
  • No load on customer's creditworthiness.


EDP Painelsolar PL 3 (1)


The production of energy from a photovoltaic installation can be affected by various climatic factors and other phenomena related to losses in the installation itself.



In order to protect the customer from energy production losses, EDP has introduced a unique guarantee on the minimum amount of energy produced by a photovoltaic installation.

As part of the guarantee, at the end of each year EDP verifies the level of real energy production from the installation and compares it with the expected volume. If the annual production of energy is below the estimated level, the production guarantee is activated, thanks to which the customer is financially compensated for any shortfall in energy volume.

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