PV As A Service

Savings without investment

Key Features 

No investment

No investment costs for the customer and long term savings for the company

24-hour service and maintenance

By EDP for the entire contract period; Continuous monitoring and supervision of the PV plant by the Control Center

Energy Management Platform

Enabling the user to control both energy consumption and production of energy from the PV installation

Energy Manager

Solution that provides immediate savings without direct investment costs, where fees are directly related to the amount of energy produced.

  • A monthly fee for the use of the installation calculated on the basis of the real energy production of the PV installation: no cost to the customer if no energy is produced and Guaranteed savings - fee lower than savings;
  • Contract for 10 or 15 years 
  • At the end of the contract, the PV installation is transferred to the customer's ownership free of charge;
  • Possibility to buy the installation during the contract term (decrease in value over time);
  • Simple credit risk assessment.
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Easy Solar

An efficient solution that provides immediate savings without the investment and installation management costs.

  • Fixed monthly fee depending on the projected savings: predictable costs for the customer throughout the contract period and direct savings - charge less than savings;
  • Contract for 15 years
  • Unique Energy Production Guarantee: the customer is protected in case of shortage of power production and is financially compensated in case of production shortfall
  • Option to buy the installation during the contract period.




The production of energy from a photovoltaic installation can be affected by various climatic factors and other phenomena related to losses in the installation itself.



In order to protect the customer from energy production losses, EDP has introduced a unique guarantee on the minimum amount of energy produced by a photovoltaic installation.

As part of the guarantee, at the end of each year EDP verifies the level of real energy production from the installation and compares it with the expected volume. If the annual production of energy is below the estimated level, the production guarantee is activated, thanks to which the customer is financially compensated for any shortfall in energy volume.

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