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What are EDP Solar Solutions?

EDP Solar Energy solutions allow your company to produce and consume its own electricity, and thus reduce the invoice. Solar Energy is captured by a set of photovoltaic panels that transform it into electrical energy. When produced in excess, it is sold to the grid.

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Main advantages


Reduction of electricity bills


Greater autonomy in the face of possible changes in energy prices


Tailor-made solutions for your company


Maintaining the installation and monitoring its correct functioning

Maintenance of the photovoltaic system

Service and maintenance of the photovoltaic system is essential to guarantee the proper functioning of the system and to ensure a return on the investment made.

The equipment and electrical connections that make up a photovoltaic system can reach their endurance limit due to daily heating and cooling. In the long run, this can cause failures in the electrical connections of the equipment. In order to prevent this, regular maintenance of the system is therefore necessary. This includes inspecting the individual components of the installation, performing additional safety measures if necessary, and cleaning the installation components, especially the panels, which is important in connection with the energy production guarantee provided by Easy Solar. Performing periodic maintenance ensures a longer life of the system and reduces the natural degradation of the equipment over its lifetime.

In case of equipment failure, prompt repair is carried out to minimize its impact on the efficiency of the system operation.

The O&M provides periodic inspections of the installation and intervention in case of failure.

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EDP provides an advanced installation management system called ENERGY MANAGEMENT PLATFORM. It allows the customer to track the current operation of the installation.
All PV installations maintained by EDP are continuously monitored by the Control Center.

It is responsible for detecting any deviations from the normal operation of the photovoltaic installation and taking action to restore proper operation of the system. 

The Control Center is monitored continuously on a 24/365 basis.

ENERGY MANAGEMENT PLATFORM system allows you to monitor the proper operation of the PV installation, the production of energy from the installation and control of energy consumption.

Moreover, it gives the possibility to set alerts and generate personalized reports.

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