Frequently asked questions

What is the Liberalized market?

The liberalized market is defined by the free competition of market operators that can define their prices and commercial conditions. Clients and operators agree on contractual terms for the supply of energy, that must comply with its applicable regulation. In the liberalized market, transmission and distribution activities are operated as a fully regulated public service.

Who is responsible for the prices charged by retailers/suppliers to end users at the liberalized market

Prices applicable to end users are freely agreed between the parties (retailers/suppliers and end users). 

Who collects my consumption at my energy meter?

The distributor is the entity responsible for collecting clients consumption readings at their meters.

How can I register?

To access to your reserved area on, select „Zaloguj się”, „Zarejestruj się teraz” and follow the step by step instructions. When you will have activated the registration, you will be able to control your bills and manage you contracts.
To create a new account and have access to your private EDP area, follow these instructions:
1 Go to and click on “Sign in”.
2 Fill in the data with your name, C.F. / P.IVA and e-mail
3 The request will be validated and a message will be sent to your e-mail to activate the account
4 Access to your email and click on the indicated button to activate your account

I haven’t received the e-mail containing the activation. What should I do?

Sometimes sending the email to enable your subscription can take some time. We suggest to wait some time before checking you personal inbox. By the way, if after some more time the email has not arrived yet, we suggest you to contact us through the following form:

How can I cancel my subscription?

What can I do in my reserved area?

In your private area, you can manage your EDP contracts in a simple and fast way, whenever you want. For each contract it will be possible to check the bills, track your consumption and modify some data.
Your private area aggregates all the information about your activity, your houses and the commercial activities you’re managing. If you have more than one contract, it let you manage your portfolio of contracts in a simple and easy way, creating groups and even customizing your contract, giving a name.


Which are the available features?

You can manage your energy, all in one place, wherever and whenever you want. Through your personal area you will then be able to:

  • Check the bills and the payments
  • Download and print the bills
  • Monitor your consumptions and compare them with previous ones
  • Check contractual and supply data, as well as billing address

How can I recover my password or unlock my account?

If you have forgotten your access data to the private area, you can recover them.
Under “Login” select the option “I forgot my password” and insert the email associated to your account, where you will receive a message to reset it.