McDonald´s has already reduced its electricity bill by 12% since EDP as its partner.

McDonald's reduces electric bill by 12% through partnership with EDP.


  • Energy Efficiency Services
  • Increased Voltage Level
  • Photovoltaic Solar
  • Management of consumption
  • Electrical Mobility
  • Systems of domestic hot water
  • Efficient Lighting

Associated Values:

  • € 5,000,000 in applications
  • 981 tonnes of CO2 / year emissions avoided
  • 12% reduction in energy bill

Customer Testimony:

McDonald's was looking for a partner that would help reduce restaurant energy consumption and ultimately have the lowest price. EDP ​​presented itself as the right partner, having made available a series of energy efficiency solutions and developed an application program that was accessible to all franchisees.

Construction Department Manager at McDonald's.